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About Us

Stigler Farmers Market

Our Market

Providing Fresh, Locally Sourced Produce and Goods

Stigler Farmers Market is a community-focused market located on S Broadway Street in Stigler, dedicated to providing fresh, locally sourced produce and goods to the community. We offer a wide variety of produce, ethically raised meats, baked goods, pantry staples, clean wellness products, and artisanal items, all sourced from local farmers and homemakers. In addition to offering healthy food options, our market aims to create a welcoming environment for the community to come together and connect, providing a space for socializing and shopping. At each market we have local food trucks that offer our shoppers a perfect, locally sourced lunch. We are committed to supporting local agriculture and providing a place to find community for shoppers and vendors. Join us and be a part of the movement towards fresh and sustainable goods in the area and experience the importance of community engagement.


Our Story

SFM began in 2023 with a simple goal of providing the community with local foods. It had been attempted on many other occasions and the nay-sayers still believed it wouldn't come of much, but we weren't taking it. Many times it was said "we will NOT fail!" 

We started reaching out to other local market managers and soaking up all the knowledge they were willing to share and gained the baseline of what it would take to throw a market together. We made a post on Facebook and it was clear our community was ready for a market to shop, however, we needed vendors for them to shop from! We did our best with advertising on social media, but living in a rural location, many of the farmers and producers weren't checking their socials very regularly. This led us to driving the backroads of SE Oklahoma stopping at every house that had "Fresh Egg" signs or goats in their yard to hand them a flyer and spread the word that a market is coming to Stigler! We finally began to find our people!

Fast forward to the first day of the season, I turned the corner on to Broadway and tears filled my eyes at the crowd of vendors already forming in the streets. I already knew our not-so-little market wouldn't fail because it was something laid on my heart years before and I was simply waiting on God to tell me it was time, but when I saw strangers that have now become some of my closest friends, gathering the streets with frozen meat and stacks of kale, I finally KNEW it was going to work and it was going to work NOW. Not in a few months when produce really started in, or in a few seasons when word got out about our market, it was working NOW!

Our market has provided a gathering space for a community that loves to be together but didn't have a place or reason to other than our beloved football games and Reunion Days. Now we get to catch up twice a month! From newborns and toddlers all the way to our cherished elders, every single person who joins us enjoys their time at Stigler Farmer's Market. 

If you have yet to make it, we invite you to come out and gather with us! Whether it be just for a stroll, a yummy taco, or to secure your biweekly market haul, we want YOU! 

For those that have made it out and continue to support your local market, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

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